Welcome to The Farm Network

The Farm Network is an artisan gourmet and specialty food distribution company based in Hamilton, Ontario, We are centrally located in Ontario’s rich agricultural Greenbelt serving most of Southwestern Ontario, south and west of Toronto. We represent a wide assortment of Made in Ontario foods, made by small farms, gourmet producers, and artisans from across Ontario and growing regions of Canada. All of our producers are independently operated, and produce with the finest ingredients using time honoured traditions of small batch care and craftsmanship.


We carry over 300 unique and delicious products combining great taste with great value. Many of the products that you will find from The Farm Network are seasonal, so don’t miss your chance to Taste Ontario at your local fine food retailer.

We provide multi-channel distribution opportunities matching unique products to unique markets, as well as offering full support with marketing, promotions and product branding.

  • In-store sampling
  • Event promotions
  • Marketing & branding support
  • Custom displays and merchandising
  • Point of Sale display signage and promotional info
  • Broad range of distribution outlets; grocery, health, specialty markets

For more information on how we can help you sell more, or for retailers looking for our current wholesale distribution price list please contact Tyler Ferguson via the Contact page.