The Farm Network connects all Canadians to the rich and diverse small farm and artisan products from across the country. Most often these products are handmade, but they are always produced using exceptional local ingredients. Currently, Canadian consumers have access to some of the goods made by small farm and artisan producers, but there has never been a single initiative that provides convenient access to the best from across Canada – until now. The Farm Network is your premiere source for the best that Canada has to offer.



The Farm Network aims to accomplish three main priorities:

  • Increasing Canadian consumers’ access to high quality, small farm and artisan goods.
  • Creating profitable distribution opportunities for Canadian small farm and artisan initiatives.
  • Fostering a sustainable relationship between Canadian consumers, small farms and artisan producers by providing convenient and cost-effective alternatives to mass produced and import goods.

Taken together, The Farm Network builds on the notion of “Eating Local.” Small farms and artisans from across Canada produce most, if not all of the goods that an individual or family consumes on a regular basis. It is time for Canadians to take advantage of the diversity of domestic products and indulge in the best that our nation has to offer. Eating Canadian is eating local!