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aunties groveAuntie’s Grove

Auntie’s Grove is a premiere example of the quality in Mennonite production. All products are made in small batches, using time-honoured traditions of craftsmanship and care.

The entire Aunties Grove product line is handmade, and includes jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, salsa, and pickles. The family behind these great products take pride in the ingredients they use, sourcing from local farms and artisans.

barries asparagusBarrie’s Asparagus

Barrie’s Asparagus is a fourth generation farm operation. Their country market is located on Cedardale Farm in the heart of Waterloo Region. The family behind Barrie’s Asparagus takes pride in the entire process!– from what they grow to the final packaging. Their product line consists of innovative items that feature the asparagus grown on their farm, as well as produce grown by neighbours that they know and trust. Their tasty products include a range of asparagus tortilla chips and salsas, various pickles, along with crackers and crisps all made with this versatile vegetable. And certainly last but not least, the renowned Spud’s Kettle Chips.

camp 31Camp 31

Camp 31 was founded in 1908 as a “Saw Mill” general store outside Brewton, Alabama. Camp 31 BBQ was established by Larry Murphy in 1985, and we’ve been serving up mouth watering authentic southern BBQ ever since.

Since 1995 Camp 31 has operated in Paris, Ontario and is a well known leader on the ribfest circuit throughout Canada. Their award winning sauces and rubs are developed and produced in Ontario using the best in local ingredients.

charliebeeCharlie-Bee Honey

Charlie-Bee Honey is a multi-generational, family business located in Beamsville, Ontario. It is operated by the Parker family, with hives spread out across South Western Ontario. Charlie Bee produces Canada #1 Golden Honey, as well as Canada’s Gold – which is the premier grade of honey. Both types are unpasteurized, and of exceptional quality and taste.

country flavourCountry Flavour

For the Brubacher family, canning is a tradition that dates back generations. Recipes have been handed down over time, honouring the practice of preserving local, seasonal items. Until recently these great products were restricted to immediate family, but in 2008 the three sisters took to expanding the practice into a sustainable business called Country Flavour.

The Brubacher sisters have expanded on the family recipes, and now produce an incredible rangeof Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Salsas, Condiments and more. They have a dedicated cannery in Ariss, Ontario, which is located at the tip of Wellington Country and near Elmira in Waterloo County.

niagara vinegarEssence of Niagara

After several years of research and product development, Niagara Vinegar Company was launched in 2007. This family owned and operated business undertakes the production, labeling and quality control of all items.

Proudly using all natural ingredients, Niagara Vinegar Co. creates the highest quality products that are stunning to the eye. Variety is the spice of life and this is evident in the many fruit infused vinegars that are being created to tantalize your senses.

Niagara Vinegar Company makes all of its products in the St. Catharines, Ontario area.

occ logoOntario Canning Company

At the Ontario Canning Company it all starts with great ingredients. They source directly from Ontario farms and agri-food companies, and use traditional production processes to ensure the highest quality product.

The company has launched two initial products, and will continue to showcase local in all of their future production. They are proud to bring you their range of products, and are confident that you are going to enjoy them as much as they do making them.

All of the Ontario Canning Company‘s products are endorsed by Foodland Ontario.

white meadowsWhite Meadows Farms

White Meadows Farms is located where Niagara’s vineyards spread into sprawling meadows and mighty maple forests. This family run business takes just as much pride in how they produce, as what they produce. Starting with Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, White Meadows Farms makes a range of gourmet maple products on their environmentally friendly facility in Effingham, Ontario.